Zero-fuss property management.

Effortless rental income.



With Zen TENNTS, you enjoy peace of mind as we take care of the details, big and small.

Rental Guarantee

We put our money behind qualified renters to give you financial security. We’ll initiate rent payouts by the third business day of the month, whether your renter pays on time or not.

Tech-driven platform

Our design-led, tech-enabled platform keeps you in the loop, so you always know what’s happening.

Trusted Vendors

We trust only the best, so we partner with vetted and insured vendors with no markup for our maintenance tasks.


Secure Your Investment With TENNTS Guarantees

With Zen TENNTS, our inovative tech and dedicated team of experts will take on risk, so you can keep moving forward.

Periodic Inspection

Our team of professionals checks and assesses your property at the end of each lease.

Real-Time Financial Reports

Know the financial status of your rentals anytime, anywhere. Watch your income grow in real time.

No Eviction, No worry

Lignificantly reduce legal risks with our resident verification and automated billing.

Reduced Resident Turnover

With our quality control and specialized support, your resident will enjoy long, frequent, and carefree stays.

Discover The Benefits

Zen TENNTS offers rental guarantees and revenue shares with landlords. Apply to see if your property qualifies.


What is TENNTS

TENNTS is a property management technology that automates rental and residential services to give you back your most precious resource: your time. Our platform empowers owners and managers to fully automate their flexible rental portfolio, including finding and hiring verified service providers through the dashboard.

What is TENNTS's price/commission fee?

We have a service plan for each type of client, from first-time host to large property managers. Check out our rates and contact our customer service specialist.

Will I need to sign a long-term contract?

No. With TENNTS you have the option to not have to sign a long-term contract. However, it is extremely important to be aware of the terms and conditions of the rental channels. Adhering to all the rules will ensure successful outcomes with the platforms and guests.

How do payments work?

TENNTS's platform is equipped with an integrated payment gateway. Reservations payments are made through the sales channels to the owners's bank account. We generate a payment slip for our commission on this amount once a month. Membership fees and additional services are charged via credit card.